about my works

about my works

“I love porcelain because it’s naturally beautiful and has a tactile and visual softness. I like losing myself in the research for the perfect shapes which give life to my jewels. Yet, I prefer to follow my instinct and spontaneity – only in this way I can translate my emotions into what I create”.


The contemporary jewel  by Elisabetta Nevola is a journey which explores the expressive possibilities of matter.

In her creating process, Elisabetta prefers to use naked porcelain, since in its look it maintains the contrast between its two natures: the softness of the raw material and the hardness that characterizes it after being fired at a high temperature.

This journey also defines Elisabetta’s choice to combine porcelain with other materials, from cotton textiles to metals like gold and silver, which confer to the jewels a precious, almost poetic elegance.



Elisabetta translates her inner world into jewels that show its traces.

Like little haiku, her creations tell the daily experiences and feelings which inspired them, from images of the natural world, to the rigorous geometry of artistic minimalism.

In this way, the artist’s daily life turns into emotional creations. They hide unique and secret stories, which mingle the feelings of the artist with those of the person who wears them. 



All the jewels of the  collections are unique, handmade pieces.

Their uniqueness expresses the desire to be free from conventions, the need to be true to oneself.

Hence, every encounter with Elisabetta’s creations becomes an occasion to reveal oneself with a sophisticated and original touch of elegance.