about me

about me

Elisabetta Nevola lives and works in Padua.

After her studies in tourism, she feels the desire to express the creative energy which has always characterized her.

She attends a ceramic workshop where she finds spaces, tools and ways to start approaching this magical material as a self-learner. For her, it is an epiphany. From this moment, she starts her own journey to discover an art that releases and shapes her inner world.

 Thanks to her relations with ceramic artists and italian masters, she learns the secrets of the art and improves her skills.

From common clay, Elisabetta moves towards the making of biscuit porcelain, whose naked aspect marks out her refined and unconventional contemporary jewels, evoking natural contrasts and geometric minimalism. Since 2018 his education has been enriched. He attends an artisan goldsmith's workshop. Become a student of Lucia Davanzo, artist of the Paduan goldsmith school.

In this exciting environment, she has the chance to develop  her artistic production.

Porcelain remains the main subject of her research, supported by contemporary goldsmith techniques.







2020 - Precious Places exhibition curated from Precious Collective - Alliage Gallery, Lille 

2019 - Sieraad International Jewellery Art Fair- Amsterdam

2019 -  Nuvole  - The_Sign - Venice

2019 -   Collectiva Meeting International Exhibition – Porto Portugal

2018 –  Collectiva Meeting International Exhibition – Porto Portugal.

2018-    Metamorfosi l’evoluzione del gioiello . Collective exhibition. Galleria Rossini Milan

2018 –  Exhibition Award at Rossini Gallery -  Contest metaMORFOSI  l’evoluzione del gioiello     Gioiellodentro                       Fondazione Carigo, Gorizia

2017 – Exhibition The Brooch – Vicenza.

2016 – MATER-IA – “Luigi Sturzo” Art Gallery – Venice.